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When I’m not behind the camera or editing photos, you can find me trying new recipes, sending care packages to friends, or working on a project around my home. It might sound silly, but I love organizing and cleaning my house. I always have a creative project going on, whether it’s redoing a room or working in my garden. Being a wedding photographer gives me an outlet for my creativity and allows me to meet wonderful people just like you. The best part about being a wedding photographer is that I get to help you capture memories that would otherwise fade as years go by. Your photos will keep those little moments that might get fuzzy with time vivid in your mind!

I shoot a mixture of posed and editorial photos. I believe that it is important to take photos reminiscent of the posed photos that have been taken for generations. While these traditional photos have their place, and family members will love having prints of posed photos, I also make sure to capture your day as it happens. Clients have often remarked that their gallery contained photos of moments they didn’t even know happened and would have otherwise missed! These are the types of photos that show movement and emotions and will bring back the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings from your big day. My photography style is also timeless and true-to-color. Your memories will be captured through bright, colorful, clean, and cheerful imagery.


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As a wife and mom, I have come to appreciate the power of photos. With time, memories that you expected to last forever become more difficult to remember. When I pick up a photo of my daughters when they were little, it puts me back in that moment. Through a photo, I can fully remember the way they laughed when they were tiny. I get to relive moments like these that would otherwise slip away with time because of the photos I took. You deserve photos that can do the same thing for you. My goal as a photographer is to celebrate the moments that you never want to forget and provide images that will help you to keep them fresh in your mind forever.

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She was a calm and confident energy in the middle of the wedding day chaos...I believe in quality over quantity...I don’t want 1000 OK pictures, I want 50 fantastic Images that take your breath away. Kelly did exactly that! 



In my free time, I love looking through Pinterest for new recipes to try.

My business, Riley Grace Photography, is named after my two daughters.

Count me in for any road trip, especially if it’s somewhere I’ve never been before!

I still have my dad’s old film cameras. That’s how I got my start taking photos.

I love growing with my clients! It’s not uncommon to find me photographing a couple from their engagement session to annual photos of their growing family.

When my kiddos were little, I realized the photos I loved the most of them were the ones that captured the little things. Don't get me wrong; the posed photos I have of them are adorable, but the ones that still hang in frames on the wall are the ones that still make me feel the moments I had with them.

That is what pushed me to become a photographer for others. To be able to gift my clients their moments in time so they can have them forever is such an honor. Whether it's when you say 'I do', are starting a family, or are wanting to document your family growing, I want to be there for it all. I am blessed to have clients that I get to grow with.

My business reflects who I am as a person. I take care of my clients like I take care of family and old friends. I love to tailor my approach to fit a couple’s specific needs. Whether you are looking for someone to quietly capture your day as it happens, or someone who can craft a timeline and help your day run smoothly, I will be your support system!


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